Survivor’s Guide

We are so sorry you have been through a devastating, traumatic experience. Please know that we are here for you and we want to support you. Here are some practical steps to ensure you feel supported and have options/choices when you are ready.

1. Ensure you are in a safe space

2. If you can, call someone to be with you who you trust - you need support.

3. Are you injured? Do you need immediate medical help?

4. Evidence - even if you choose not to use it, keeping evidence at this point will give you time to make choices later. Evidence will be everything you are wearing, anything on you. Evidence will be on your skin, in your hair, under your nails - anywhere on your body could hold evidence.

5. Can you write down what happened or do a voice recording - maybe that’s in your phone - it will be raw, if you are able to, you will then have this when you make decisions on how you want to move forward, it’s supporting you to give you options.

6. Emergency contraception - up to 5 days after the assault.

7. Calling the police - this is only ever your choice.

Please have a look at our resources page for avenues to get immediate help.