I started Outcry Witness because I believe that people heal when others bear witness to their pain. When society acknowledges their trauma. When all of us collectively see the wrong that was done to them. Sexual violence has been a part of our lives for millennia. I don’t believe it can truly ever be eradicated. But we can continue to bring positive change.

I have with me an extraordinary team of men and women who share the same values and respect for human rights. We believe that we can empower victims to take control of their choices. They may wish to say nothing and put the traumatic event behind them. Or they may wish to think about it for a while and then act. Either way, we want to allow them that choice. By keeping a detailed record of their experience, they can decide whether they want to pursue a legal avenue, speak out, or simply share their ordeal with their loved ones. Sexual violence is an extraordinary painful trauma that many of us never fully recover from. We want to help survivors get back some of their power and their dignity.

I called this platform Outcry Witness starting from the legal term – the first individual a sexual violence survivor confides in about the assault. This witness has a special, privileged position in American legislation and we want to play a similar role for survivors.

We are here to listen. We believe you. We stand with you. Always.

If you would like to create an anonymous record of an incident that happened to you, start below.